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Bountiful Blessings, Inc.

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Registered Charity Number : 73-1668227


A man who has been coming for a while sat down with me to say that this program was wonderful for so many of them and he really appreciated the help to get some of the things that really add to the budget. He feels it is like a home gathering, people together discussing things that matter to them, doing volunteer time to help others. 

- St. Paul's Cumberland, MD

Everyone is nice. This is a great opportunity to serve need-based people. It's an opportunity to go to church and help others in need of a friend. It's a great time to help and support and just to let them know we care.

- Amy Gotwalt

Bountiful Blessings offers a hand UP not a hand OUT to people in need within the community of a participating church by requiring that a relatively small amount of time a month be volunteered back to the church. That way, the benefit is mutual between the recipient and the church - they are helping each other, and each retains their respect.

- Becki Essex