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2020 - THIRd quarter update




It is hard to believe that we are at the end of the 3rd Quarter of 2020.  What a year!  

I am excited to tell you about July – Aug – Sept of 2020. As you know from my prior quarters, I have been asking God where he wants Bountiful Blessings to focus each month. In July, God sent me in a new direction. He said that I am to focus on Marketing. I told God that I don’t know anything about Marketing. However, being obedient, I attended my first business mixer. I met some wonderful small business owners and together, we are supporting each other. Among the people I met was an IT Marketing person who help us set-up Bountiful Blessings on all the virtual platforms. In August, God told me that we should stay with marketing. I then met a marketing person who introduced me to a printing company owner. Together, we designed the new Bountiful Blessings T-Shirts. We had magnets made and they printed some promotional materials for us as well. As we moved into September, God kept us in the Marketing area. We put together our first radio advertisement on 580 AM. It is scheduled to run in October, November, December. We are asking people to support a family for $20.00 a month.  

In September, we also began the process of developing the scrapping corner into its own ministry. It will be named Heavenly Haulers Ministry. It will do business as part of Bountiful Blessings. We have groups of volunteers, Sunday School students, scouts, ARD, and others come to the warehouse to take items apart. We have Christian men and women volunteer along side of them to help guide them. It is a wonderful opportunity to bring people to Christ. The name is currently sitting with the attorney awaiting filing. Let me share a sampling the feedback we received:  

  •  “I love what you and all the volunteers do here. I am glad I got to learn about your organization.  I will be back.”

  •  “It has been a comfortable and caring place to be.”

  • “Volunteering with BB has been an amazing experience along my journey to better myself.  Terry has created a welcoming and joyful community that I have truly enjoyed.”

  • “The time here at BB has been wonderful. Yes, it helps fill my obligation but it is so much more. Terry and her volunteers are in a league of their own. The kind words, compassion and empathy for both sides of the program are more of how it should be. I never thought I’d learn so many valuable lessons going through a program for making a mistake.”

  • “It was a pleasant and uplifting experience that showed through faith and belief in God that whole communities can be helped and that people working together can make a giant impact on not only communities, but on the world as a whole.”


As for how we’re managing COVID, the sites have done a wonderful job of moving from being inside the church to distributing through the church lots. Many have dealt with COVID-19 within their volunteers and families. Despite the limited staffing, they have found a way to keep their sites open. The recipient families are so appreciative. 

Here’s an update on the new distribution sites coming on-board in 2021. I have confirmed that Bountiful Blessings is coming to Duncannon, PA (Breakthrough Church) and Harrisburg, PA (New Day IKM) in January. In February, Bountiful Blessings will re-open in York Haven (Vibrant Church). In April, we will begin distributing items in Irwin, PA (New Hope Presbyterian Church) and Penn Hills, PA.  We will not be coming to Rochester, PA as we previously thought. York PA is interested, but we do not have a timeframe for when they will begin yet. 


October is starting with a bang and I can’t wait to share the 4th Quarter with you. Stay tuned!

2020 - SECOND quarter update




April, May, June of 2020 may go down in the history books. While the churches chose to follow the government’s request for their closure during COVID-19, the government also asked the charities to stay open to serve those in need. For Bountiful Blessings, Inc, this created quite a problem; since we distribute our non-food items through the churches. I can only applaud each of our sites, as they put themselves on the front lines, serving those in need through their church property. Each site re-opened as they got the necessary approvals to do so. By June, all of the sites had re-opened in one form or another. Some never closed, while others chose to use a  parking lot drive through method.  

Let me take a moment here to recognize the fact that 3 of our sites lost family members during this pandemic. Each of these sites closed only for the volunteers and family to attend the funeral. (And as most of you know, funeral homes and funerals are also impacted by COVID-19). The dedication and love you have shown for your church, community and Bountiful Blessings, Inc. has been unmatched. And, though the media does not recognize our volunteers as being on the front lines, they are!

In April, I asked God where he wanted me to focus my efforts, since the churches and small businesses that would normally support our non-profit were closed. Clearly, they could not do collections or put bins in their stores to help support us during this time. God told me to focus on collecting scrap metal, and that he would bless my efforts for May and June. God is good! In May, we raised more money scrapping metal than the first 4 months of the year. In June, we doubled what we collected in May. This allowed us to get all the vehicles inspected, put gas in the vehicles for deliveries and to put money toward our insurance bill.

Bountiful Blessings, Inc. works closely with court mandated individuals. In April, we received a phone call that the volunteers doing court mandated time would have to stop due to the pandemic. At that time, we had 2 volunteers. In June, the courts began to allow these individuals to complete their time. God gave us two new individuals who are both great workers.  


As we enter the third quarter of the year, please pray for Bountiful Blessings, Inc. for financial support, more space / land, our audit, our volunteers, the church sites and the recipient families. In addition, we have 5 new sites that have expressed an interest in being Bountiful Blessings, Inc. distribution locations. I have met with 4 of the 5 churches' leaders over the past 6 months. Two of the sites have committed (Irwin & Penn Hills), two are praying about it (Rochester & Harrisburg) and I still need to meet with the last one (York).  

Hugs to each of our Bountiful Blessings, Inc. family members.

2020 - FIRST quarter update




It is hard to believe we are in the second half of April. I’d like to provide an update from the first quarter of 2020. Let me say, God is Good! Prior to the start of the Corona Virus in the USA, we were finishing up the training of two new sites (Homewood and Beltzhoover) at the end of February. We were also scheduling the training of the next two sites (Irwin and Penn Hills). These two sites are now placed on hold, along with the two coming on behind them. We scheduled the computer training for Dravosburg, PA in April.  This is also delayed now.

When the stay-at-home orders were announced, the initial reaction of the sites was “do we close?” At the end of March, 6 of the 17 sites decided to close. By the first week of April, 3 of the 6 re-opened (after learning how the other sites were operating). We have adjusted to allow for social distancing and masks. The sites are each performing in a manner that is comfortable for them. Some are continuing as always, but allowing for social distancing, while others have moved to a drive-in format. The drive-thru sites are giving only the core items. Families are showing their ID from the car or filling out the registration form, then they answer whether they have attended church (via on line services). The recipients have until 12/31/2020 to complete their mandatory volunteer time.

The warehouse & office have continued their operations uninterrupted. Our volunteers are the best! The boxes are packed and deliveries made every week. 

I want to share a story from our Gettysburg, PA site. They are conducting their distribution via the drive-thru style. As they drew near the end of the distribution time, a young man came running up the alley and handed the site coordinator a stone.  It was painted with the word “gratitude.” He wanted them to know how much they appreciate the sacrifice being made to serve their family and the community. Wow!

We are up 250 families in the first quarter (over the first quarter of 2019). It is amazing. Fortunately, we had a savings that has allowed us to purchase the core items. It is dwindling, but we are hopeful that the mandates will end and more people and churches will be able to donate again. We had to cancel two large fundraisers - the Western PA Golf Outing on May 2nd and the Karns drive for April 25th. Together, these two events bring in $10,000+ in cash and items. It was a tough hit. But God has this! We ask for continuous prayers for all of the charities and families during this time. Hugs to all our supporters – those financial, item donors, prayer warriors, churches and businesses. God loves you and so do we!


Bountiful Blessings® is a charity called, developed and nurtured by God. He laid out the format, and we, God’s servants have followed. This program is founded on the Biblical principle "I am my brother’s keeper."

Each recipient is required to give back volunteer hours for receiving items. God instructs us to work so we may eat. So, cheerfully, each recipient volunteers their time as a thank you for what God has given them: a safe, positive, Christ-centered environment offering items to fulfill their needs. "The Lord will provide" is a verse I have repeated many times over, trusting in Him that He will give this program all that it needs so that we may offer His people what they need. 


The families receiving and the volunteers (both those who receive from the program and those who do not receive) have developed a closeness that comes from working and supporting each other to get through hard and difficult times. Together the volunteers and the recipients have developed a bond, a friendship and a trust. This program offers so much more than tangible items. Compassion, love, care, concern, humbleness and a feeling that "God placed me on this earth for a reason" are just a few of the benefits enjoyed by both recipients and volunteers.

My prayer for this program and all of its future sites is the Saint’s Prayer offered by Saint Francis of Assisi:



Lord Make me an Instrument of thy peace;
Where there is hatred, let me sow  love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
And where there is sadness, joy.
O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much
seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved, as to love;
for it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning, that we are pardoned,
and it is in
dying that we are born to eternal life.

~ Terry Orendi

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