Our History


     * August - Terry Orendi receives calling from God “Prepare for Change” while living in Western PA

     * December - Terry moves to Central PA to follow her calling from God


     * January - Terry begins new job in Central PA

     * January - Ron (Terry's husband) and Kristi (their 15 year old daughter), move to Mechanicsburg, PA


     * Terry & her family began attending Trinity Lutheran Church in Lemoyne, PA


     * 1st Quarter - The ELCA Synod removes the entire church leadership 

     * 1st Quarter - Trinity's nursery school and daycare center are closed

     * Spring - Terry walks into what was the nursery at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lemoyne, PA 

                      God says, “This is where it will begin.” The system for Bountiful Blessings was laid out by God in that very room


     * January - Bountiful Blessings opens doors as an outreach of Trinity Lutheran Church in Lemoyne, PA


     * Received 501c3 charitable organization and a Board of Directors is formed

     * Bountiful Blessings, Inc. opens its first warehouse in a 10x10 self-storage unit in Lemoyne, PA


     * Bountiful Blessings, Inc. launches its first website (www.bountifulblessingsinc.org)


     * God names & opens the second site - Charleston UM Church / Harrisburg, PA

     * God names & opens the third site - Rosedale Church of the Nazarene/ Middletown, PA


     * The warehouse was moved from the storage unit in Lemoyne, PA to an old farm equipment barn in Dillsburg, PA

     * Bountiful Blessings, Inc. opens its first official office at an old farm house in Dillsburg, PA

     * God gives Terry vision for future of Bountiful Blessings, Inc.


     * Additional distribution sites begin to be added on a regular bases. (continuing to present day)


     * BB received approval from the Department of Charitable Organization to begin adding sites in Maryland


     * BB received approval from the Department of Charitable Organization to begin adding sites in West Virginia

     * Moved the warehouse and office from Dillsburg, PA to the PERCS building in Mechanicsburg, PA


     * GMC 3500 box truck donated to Bountiful Blessings, Inc, becoming the first vehicle in our fleet


     * Moved the warehouse and office from the PERCS building to AC Rimmer building in Mechanicsburg, PA


     * 2 more vehicles were added to the fleet: a Dodge was donated and a BB purchased a brand new Chevy Express

     * An IT Committee was formed to look at computerizing sites


     * First site was computerized (Mechanicsburg, PA site)

     * BB logo was approved as a registered trademark


     * The Board of Directors gave approval to start the search for more space – warehouse / land

     * BB logo was cleared in all 50 states

     * November - Ron Orendi was killed in an auto accident while making BB deliveries in the Chevy Express van


     * January - Terry Orendi begins working full time in the BB warehouse / office

     * November - Added 2 more sites, taking us to 17 sites in PA and MD

     * November - BB launched their new website

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Bountiful Blessings, Inc.

P. O. Box 299

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717-790-2620 bountifulblessings2001@gmail.com

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